Monitoring System

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DL300 Data Logger
The DL300 Data Logger is the hardware connecting Darfon inverters with Darfon’s cloud-based monitoring portal.
DL-200 Data Logger
The DL-200 data logger is compatible with Darfon's hybrid and microinverters. It incorporates WAN and GSM transmission to connect to the Cloud.
CB-100 PLC Box
The PLC Box is installed between microinverters and the service panel. It sends information from the microinverters to the Data Logger for data monitoring.
Cloud-Based Monitoring
Darfon's Cloud-based monitoring system auto-detects installed microinverters, making set-up simple & easy.
To make installation faster and easier for our installers, Darfon’s ComBox prewires the Data Logger and PLC Box into a junction box that is simple to install.
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