Hybrid Inverters

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H7 Hybrid Inverter
The H7, a 7.6kW outdoor-rated hybrid inverter, can replace an existing string inverter, be DC-coupled in a new PV system, or AC-coupled to an existing PV system.
H5001STK Hybrid Inverter
Stack two H5001STK for essential loads up to 14kW (8.8kW if grid is absent). If that is not enough, stack three for up 21kW with grid and 13.2kW without grid.
HB51 Hybrid Inverter
The HB51 is an AC-coupled hybrid inverter that supports loads up to 5.5kW off-grid and 7kW grid-tied. The HB51 can be used for peak shaving, Backup and TOU.
H5001 Hybrid Inverter
The H5001 is a DC-coupled hybrid inverter that can be used off-grid or grid-tied. The H5001 can support loads up to 5.5kW off-grid and 7kW grid-tied.
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